Busselton is one of the most pleasant citys we have ever visited in one of the nicest locations on the planet. Busselton's giant jetty gets you OUT in the bay. Amazing.

For a city of over 20,000 Busselton always seems like a park-like seaside town. It is clean and well kept and is easy to get around by car, bike or on foot. The city of Busselton is well laid out, with beautiful architecture that retains the integrity of a history shaped by Geographe Bay...

Busselton Town, South West Coast of Western Australia

To Busselton...

Stroll through the centre of town along Queen Street to the Busselton Jetty. The city is easy to navigate by car and has quick access to all of the major routes north to Bunbury, west to Dunsborough and south to Margaret River.
Busselton Museum
The Busselton Museum offers an amazing look at the history of the Busselton settlers and a shows a glimpse of the life from way back when.
Busselton Jetty, upper South West Coast, Western Australia

The Jetty

The Busselton Jetty is a fantastic place to visit, so is the Underwater Observatory! The base of the pier is a hub of swimming areas, eating and dining, play parks, walking and biking trails, and of course the longest jetty in the southern hemisphere.
Busselton Jetty Underwater Observatory
The Underwater Observatory at the end of the Busselton Jetty is incredible. Walk beneath the bay and explore the living underwater ecosystem of the Jetty's supports.
Train at Busselton Jetty & Lighthouse, Busselton Western Australia


The Busselton Foreshore is one of the nicest developed foreshores we have ever experienced with long pathways stretching to the sand dunes beach and ocean beyond. The Jetty, stretching endlessly into the wide, blue Geographe Bay.
Festivals in Busselton, Western Australia - South West Coast of Australia
Busselton hosts dozens of markets and fairs throughout the year. The foreshore and open public spaces offer a variety of venues for weekly, yearly and one off events.
Seriously, you've got to check out the UWO. The Under Water Observatory at the end of the Busselton Jetty way out into the amazing Geographe Bay. 
Underwater Observatory in Busselton, Western Australia
Busselton UWO
Busselton Jetty at Sunset, Busselton, Western Australia - South West Coast

The Interpretive Centre at the start of the Jetty is the place to book tickets on the Jetty train, to walk along the Jetty and to get into the Underwater Observatory at the Jetty's end.  

This is a MAP of the Busselton Jetty. You can get DIRECTIONS directly from Google using the "Directions" button in the top left corner of the map, it looks like an arrow. If you are logged into Google (or Gmail), you can tap the "Save" button (the star) which will save it to your account in Google Maps (called Google My Maps). Happy travels.
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