The Rainbow Coast

The south coast has been called a lot of different things since it was first colonised. Crossed by navigators, explorers & soldiers, colonised by farmers, builders, fishermen (and women) and all the rest. Sometime in the latter part of the last century, it was fondly referred to as the Rainbow Coast.  With the sun in the northern sky all winter, and the rain from the south-west, there truly are a multitude of rainbows.  Welcome to the Rainbow Coast!
The Rainbow Coast is one of the most beautiful places on Earth. It stretches from Albany in the east, through Denmark and into Walpole in the west. The South Coast of Western Australia is often showered in rainbows from Autumn to Spring, thus the name...


Western Australia
Albany, is a historic city, respecting and sharing the past yet totally embracing the now! 30,000 call Albany home, it has the feel of a fun filled sea-side city set on a glorious harbour, with a rich history and great beaches.


Western Australia
The Denmark region is filled with natural beauty. Tall trees, green hills, sandy beaches, rounded rocks, natural wildlife... Denmark has natural attractions galore and a mild climate all year round making it the perfect destination.


Western Australia
Walpole lies at the northern edge of the Walpole Inlet and is one of the few towns on the path of the Bibbulmun Track. Home to around 500 this is a natural sanctuary which allows you a return to nature and a relaxed and peaceful experience.
This breathtaking part of the world softly draws you back to nature and offers you peace.
From the deep, ancient southern forests of where giant tingle and karri tower, through the rolling country hills with the kangaroos and parrots.

More about the regions of the Rainbow Coast in the South West Coast of WA...

Since 2008 the webdesign team at Rainbow Coast Web Design independently created the web presence for the Rainbow Coast of Western Australia ( and combined the areas of Albany, Denmark and Walpole into one coherent location to share the region online as a whole. It was called the Rainbow Coast back in the '60s when the hippies moved south and minds were broader, and we're glad to promote it as it's been shared on as what it is. It may be amazing, but it's always the Rainbow Coast. 


From the still waters of Princess Royal Sound, to the whale-filled bay of King George Sound, Albany is a land of waterways.

Albany is Western Australia's first settlement and is alive with history. The Albany Heritage Park consists of the historical monuments and attractions on Mount Clarence and Mount Adelaide, These include the Princess Royal Fortress, National ANZAC Centre, ANZAC Desert Mounted Corp Memorial and the Avenue of Honour on Mount Clarence.

The iconic Brig Amity.

The Brig Amity, Albany Western Australia

The Albany Wind Farm, Sandpatch & the Bibbulmun

Albany Wind Farm, Copyright 2018


Western Australia

Ocean and beaches, lookouts and forests all set to the west of the curving Denmark and Hay Rivers surrounding the iconic Wilson Inlet. Swim your way through Denmark...

West of Denmark is a beautiful, magical beach called Greens Pool in William Bay National Park. Greens Pool and Elephant Cove are two of the most beautiful beaches on the Rainbow Coast.

Ocean Beach and Prawn Rock Channel

William Bay & The Walkways of Denmark


Adventure from towering trees through sweeping inlets out to the distant, rugged coast in Walpole, Western Australia. 

Walpole lies at the northern edge of the Walpole Inlet and is one of the few towns on the path of the Bibbulmun Track.

Home to around 500 this is a natural sanctuary which allows you a return to nature and a relaxed and peaceful experience. 

Walpole town, is set on the north side of the Walpole Inlet amidst the Walpole-Nornalup National Park and is a delightful village offering a welcome rest from the rest of the world.

Wow. The mirror smooth waters of the Walpole Inlet. 

The sandy coast at Mandalay Beach is breathtaking.
Mandalay Beach, Walpole, South West Coast, Rainbow Coast
The South West Coast of Western Australia (of Australia, really), is stunningly gorgeous. Historic, expansive, a land of waterways and forests. Visit the south west coast from Perth, the Margaret River Region and the rainbowy south coast from Walpole to Denmark and Historic Albany. We recommend these web resources to assist you in planning your journey:
Albany Town Hall, Albany Australia, South West Coast, Australia
Albany is a gorgeous south coast destination. Whether you're arriving by sea, land or air you'll be impressed at the town centre and access to cafe's and shops.
Greens Pool Underwater Photograph, Copyright Vibodha
The Denmark Region is covered quite extensively on the website: as well as the Denmark section.
Margaret River Surf Break, Margaret River South West Coast of Western Australia
Margaret River Region covers an area along the very south west corner, facing west out into the Indian Ocean. Surf, wine, explore marvellous Margaret River.
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