Walpole Western Australia

Walpole is divine. Forests, rivers, inlets, beaches... a coast of incredible beauty and diversity awaits!
Walpole lies at the northern edge of the Walpole Inlet and is one of the few towns on the path of the Bibbulmun Track. Home to around 500 this is a natural sanctuary which allows you a return to nature and a relaxed and peaceful experience.

Biodiverse Hotspot

The Walpole Wilderness Area is a world recognised biodiversity hot-spot which has flora and fauna not found anywhere else on earth. The night sky is exquisite offering brilliant star views and silence.

A Forest Haven

Walpole town, is set on the north side of the Walpole Inlet amidst the ancient forests of the Walpole-Nornalup National Park. Walpole is a delightful village offering a welcome rest from the rest of the world.

Nature Paradise

There are several Walpole stores and many places to eat in Town. The accommodation range is varied & includes wilderness retreats, waterside homes, fabulous farmsteads and beachside pads.
Enjoy the waters of the inlet, the rivers, birdsong and the ancient forests that completely surround Walpole.

Mount Frankland, D'entrecasteaux and Walpole-Nornalup National Parks

Visit Mandalay Beach in D'entrecasteaux National Park on the western edge of the forests. With spectacular views to Chatham Island, spectacular coastline and long white sandy beach it is a must-see.

National Park Adventures

Visit the amazing Giant Tingle Tree, take a lovely walk at Circular Pool rock formation and rapids, part of the Frankland River. 

Take a trip to Fernhook Falls, which are beautiful waterfalls north-west of Walpole on the western end of Mount Frankland National Park.

Visit the Valley of the Giants Treetop Walk and Ancient Empires Walk and the amazing Visitors Centre to experience and learn about the region.
Visit the Valley of the Giants

Valley of the Giants

South West Forests

The deep southern forests are like nothing else on earth. Some of the Walpole-Nornalup National Park's forests have been untouched since time began.
Walking through the towering southern forests is refreshing and relaxing. Calming and invigorating.
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Giant Tingle Tree

The oldest living eucalypt in the world, the grandmother Tingle Tree, known as THE Giant Tingle Tree, is a wonder to behold. Located close to Walpole, we highly recommend visiting the tingle and Circular Pool.
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Mount Frankland

Caldyanup, or Mount Frankland is a spectacular vantage point which to view the vastness of the southern forests surrounding Walpole.
Enjoy a walk to the summit of Mount Frankland and totally take in the spectacular view of endless green.
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Walpole Inlet & Waterways

Peaceful, tranquil nature experiences.

Filled by the Walpole River and Collier Creek, the dark waters of the Walpole Inlet empty into the Nornalup Inlet through the Channels. The Channels offer a spectacular view over both inlets and can be easily accessed by taking The Knoll Scenic Drive.

The Walpole-Nornalup National Park covers most of the wild and beautiful Walpole coastline. The ancient forests begin at Denmark and grow older as you drive west towards the Valley of the Giants. From there the national park continues west, incorporating the entire southern coast.

Valley of the Giants & The Ancient Empires

Between Walpole and Denmark lies the Valley of the Giants Treetop Walk & The Ancient Empires Walk through the ancient tingle trees. The Valley of the Giants, an architecturally designed pathway taking you almost forty metres into the canopy of giant tingle trees.

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